A&E: Traces in Blood

A&E’s American Justice (air date: April 7, 2004)

Did a manipulative con-man convince his lover to kill his ex-wife?
Hear from investigators and attorneys who have worked the case.
Trace the strange chain of events that started with the murder of Girly Chew Hossencrofft.
When 36-year-old Girly Chew Hossencrofft did not show up for work on September 10, 1999, her boss was worried immediately; Girly had told him many times he should call the police if she was ever late. She has never been seen since, and no trace of her has been found, but investigators believe they know who the killer is.

TRACES IN BLOOD reveals the steps that led police to Girly’s ex-husband, Diazen Hossencrofft, and his lover, Linda Henning. Despite mounting one of the most expensive investigations in the New Mexico history, they still have not been able to conclusively tie the couple to the death. There is no body, no eyewitness, no murder weapon, and no fingerprints, just a con-man and a woman who claims to be an “alien queen,” who many believe Diazen duped into doing his dirty work.
(above product description from A&E’s Web site)

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