Court TV: Trial coverage

Court TV trial coverage (air date: December 9-13, 2002)

The Hossencofft case first gained national television exposure when Court TV aired about forty hours of Linda Henning’s murder trial .

The trial had taken place in October 2002. Two months later, Court TV aired about eight hours of the trial each day from Monday to Friday, December 9 through 13 (Court TV rebroadcast the trial nearly a year later, beginning October 27, 2003).

Court TV anchors and several nationally-known courtroom figures provided analysis of the trial.

“This trial has had us spellbound.”
-Catherine Crier, Court TV anchor

“I tell you what, Nancy (Grace), you couldn’t have even made up a case like this: You’ve got sex. You got money. You got murder. You got UFOs. And you’ve got aliens!”
-John Q. Kelly, prosecutor who successfully convicted O.J. Simpson in civil trial

“It’s one of the most bizarre fact patterns you could come up with. One of the most bizarre casts of characters.”
-Lawrence Goldman, President, National Association of Criminal and Defense Lawyers

“I would love to have a case like this. This is the most exciting case I’ve ever seen!”
-William Montross, Jr., veteran New York City public defender

“This case is by far the most unusual that we have ever covered since I’ve been here at Court TV.”
-Lisa Bloom, Court TV anchor

“One of the most bizarre cases ever.”
-Nancy Grace, Court TV anchor

“It is, clearly, the most bizarre case I’ve seen in eight years at Court TV.”
-Rikki Klieman, Court TV anchor

“It’s so weird. It is a really bizarre, bizarre case.”
-James Curtis, Court TV, anchor

“For those of you jaded people who think you’ve seen it all, take a deep breath and settle in because this is one of the most unusual cases we have ever covered here on Court TV.”
-Lisa Bloom, Court TV, anchor

“I tell ya’, if you don’t love this case, then my sense of judgment is way off. This is a case that has it all.”
-Rikki Klieman, Court TV anchor

“It seems like a plot only Stephen King could conjure.”
-James Curtis, Court TV, anchor

*All statements made during Court TV’s December 9-13, 2002 coverage of Linda Henning’s murder trial

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