A busy day in court

…and an exclusive interview with Diazien Hossencofft

October 4, 2000

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(Albuquerque) Diazien Hossencofft told District Court Judge Richard Knowles Tuesday that–with his attorney Ron Koch in poor health–he plans to represent himself (pro se). A bit later, Hossencofft shared part of his lawyering strategy with this reporter in an exclusive interview.

“I will never take the stand,” Hossencofft told me. “Rule 514,” he matter-of-factly claimed, protects him from testifying during trial.

As for shoes seized last week during a search of his divorce attorney’s office, Hossencofft told me, “If people would just do their homework” they would realize they’re making a mistake. Hossencofft told me he bought the shoes in South Carolina shortly prior to his arrest. He said an FBI agent was tailing him and witnessed the purchase. Hossencofft said the shoes cannot possibly match the tread marks found on a gray tarp last year that contained Girly Hossencofft’s bloody clothing. He told me he mailed his shoes–and other clothing–from prison to his divorce attorney last year because the prison threatened to burn the clothing if he kept it.

Hossencofft emphatically claimed that the 13-month-long investigation into his estranged wife’s disappearance and presumed murder has produced no evidence against him. “They didn’t find any piece of me anywhere,” he stated. He added, “They (prosecutors) stuck this pig and they want to see if it squeals.”

Hossencofft also asked why more attention hasn’t been paid to a report that Girly Hossencofft was allegedly seen several days after she disappeared last year.

Mr. Hossencofft also said that he is writing a book titled, “The Last Days of Tomorrow”. He says he’s already written 2,000 pages. He says the title is derived from his claim that the state aims to have him killed by lethal injection.

Hossencofft and co-suspect Linda Henning both asked the judge to help them gain access to the law library at the jail. Both suspects also claimed that they have not been able to have private conversations with their attorneys. They claimed that their “high risk” classification at the jail is far too restrictive and a violation of their rights.



Pro Se – Lat. “for himself” “on one’s own behalf” A person who represents himself in court alone without the help of a lawyer is said to appear pro se. (2) Lat. for “you lose.” also pro per

Judge Richard Knowles accepted Ron Koch’s motion to resign as Hossencofft’s defense attorney. However, the judge declined to consider Hossencofft’s pro se motion.

Steve Long, Koch’s partner who had been handling the case, told the Albuquerque Tribune, “He (Hossencofft) can’t do it alone. I’m a practicing attorney and I didn’t feel comfortable trying this capital murder case. How in the world is a lay person going to do it?”

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On December 19, 2000, Ron Koch lost his nearly yearlong battle with cancer.
In my experience as a reporter in Albuquerque, Mr. Koch was always professional and a gentleman during our contacts.
Mr. Koch was 49.

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