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The search for clues runs far and deep in the Hossencofft case. That includes the search for a body in remote desert locations. The case also has numerous search warrants targeting homes, vehicles, safe deposit boxes, storage lockers and more. Items seized as evidence include guns, pink deer hair, art sand and feathers.

Linda Henning speaks to her attorney, Gary Mitchell, on Monday as Detective Michael Fox points-out areas of interest on a map before the jury.

Hossencofft likely to testify this week

(Albuquerque) Convicted murderer Diazien Hossencofft is likely to testify in the Linda Henning murder trial this week. Henning’s legal team has prepared a Motion to Transport Hossencofft from the State Penitentiary in Santa Fe to the Bernalillo County Detention Center in Albuquerque so that he may testify Thursday at 9 am. The motion arrived at […]

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The Ninja Sword sold to Diazien Hossencofft on September 9, 1999.

Ninja sword a focal point

(Albuquerque) From the bottom of the handle to its very tip it measures 38-inches; the Ninja sword that prosecutors believe is connected to the murder of Girly Chew Hossencofft. Jurors charged with deciding whether or not Linda Henning murdered Ms. Hossencofft got their first look at the sword Friday morning. Police discovered the sword in […]

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Diazien Hosencofft / KOB-TV

Hossencofft pleads guilty

Surprise appearance results in sudden turn in case (Albuquerque) 36-year-old Diazien Hossencofft has taken the first step toward keeping his end of a bargain. A plea bargain, that is. By pleading guilty to his estranged wife’s murder and a dozen other crimes this afternoon, Hossencofft set the wheels into motion for a deal cut with […]

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Investigators search Rio Puerco for Girly’s remains

…won’t disclose what–if anything–was found. March 4, 2001 (photos to be added: rpsearch1.jpg A few hundred yards south of Interstate 40, searchers gather as two of them dig in a small area behind a tiny hill. rpsearch2.jpg A cadaver dog, named Jasper, disappears into the shadows along the side of the Rio Puerco as his […]

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