Former roomate speaks


Friday, November 12, 1999

(Albuquerque) A man who says he is a former roommate of Diazien Hossencofft lends much new insight into this case.

He is a man who says he is a bit troubled, even embarrassed, by the fact that he lived with Diazien Hossencofft. He wishes to remain anonymous. He says he has been interviewed by FBI agents. And now he speaks exclusively with The Horner Report.

The man says he lived with Diazien and Girly from the middle of June 1998 through the middle of November 1998. He says Diazien was nearly always on the computer and often looked at mail order bride websites featuring women in Taiwan and China.

The man says Diazien often boasted that he was close to solving the “Human Genome Project” which, I’m told, apparently involves some of the final questions surrounding the mystery of DNA. The man tells The Horner Report that Diazien stated that, one day in the future, when he solved The Human Genome Project, he would get rid of Girly and “send her back to Taiwan” (Girly is from Malaysia).

The man says he often removed the mail from the mailbox outside the Hossencofft home and noticed that Diazien often received packages from the Russian Embassy in Washington, DC. The mans says Diazien also received mail from mainland China. He says Diazien claimed he couldn’t get a job because the Pentagon wouldn’t let anyone hire him.

The man says Diazien often brought other women into the home and asked him to cover for him…meaning, the man was to tell Girly that the strange women were his girlfriends…not Diazien’s.

The man says Diazien initially struck him as “squirrelly and harmless”, but the man says his opinion changed in short time. He says he learned that Diazien is a conman, always seeming as if he was “covering something up”.

Finally, he says he moved out because Diazien was “a freak.” This man tells The Horner Report that his estimation of Girly never wavered, “…an honest, sincere, hardworking person. I felt sorry for her.”

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