Henning arrested

Diazien’s Female Roomie Busted

November 1, 1999

46-year-old Linda Theresa Henning was arrested Friday, October 29, and booked into the Bernalillo County Detention Center in Albuquerque. She is charged with two crimes; perjury and criminal solicitation to commit perjury. Based on information from my sources, I have every reason to believe that investigators think Henning knowingly stated false information to the Grand Jury investigating the disappearance of Girly Hossencofft. The second charge, criminal solicitation to commit perjury, leads me to believe that prosecutors think that Henning tried to convince another person to knowingly state false information (in short, “lie”) to the Grand Jury.

Diazien Hossencofft is now in a federal prison and is charged with making threats on the phone.
Diazien Hossencofft is now in a federal prison and is charged with making threats on the phone.

If my assumption is correct, a logical question becomes, “Who do investigators believe Henning was trying to convince to lie to the Grand Jury.” I do not know the answer. But one must wonder if it’s Michael R. Harvey (also called Robert Michael Harvey in court documents). Previous editons of The Horner Report have well documented the connections of Henning and Harvey to the Hossencofft investigation. In short, police searched two vehicles at Henning’s home at #9 La Villita Circle shortly after Girly’s disappearance. One vehicle is registered to Henning. The other is registered to Henning and Harvey.

The Affidavit for Search Warrant says Harvey “…sometimes stays at #9 La Villita Circle.” According to court documents, Diazien Hossencofft was spending nights (sleeping over) at #9 La Villita Circle during the days leading up to Girly’s disappearance. I’m left wondering whether or not Henning asked Harvey to lie to the Grand Jury. Based on the second charge against Henning, it certainly appears someone is now cooperating with prosecutors.

And the most important question regarding this arrest; what do prosecutors believe Henning stated that is a lie? We don’t know the answer because the arrest warrant and other documents regarding Henning’s arrest have been sealed. My hunch is prosecutors believe Henning told a lie(s) with the intent to protect Diazien Hossencofft…or herself. Or both. And then tried to convince someone else to tell the same lie. -Mark Horner

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