Hossencofft reveals information about murder to police

But his brother suspects DH “didn’t kill her”

(Albuquerque) Diazien Hossencofft made a statement to police Friday morning which contained information about the murder of his estranged wife. That word today from District Court Judge John Brennan.

Brennan also told me that the District Attorney’s Office considers Hossencofft’s statement to have satisfied the terms of the convicted killer’s plea bargain. The judge said he does not have “specific” information about Hossencofft’s statement.

Judge Brennan also said that Hossencofft could be transferred to a state prison in Los Lunas, New Mexico as early as this coming Wednesday. The transfer to Los Lunas must take place before Hossencofft can be transferred to a prison in Wyoming. The judge told me Hossencofft will soon be “on his way to Wyoming.”

Hossencofft pleaded guilty to murder, kidnapping and numerous other crimes on January 9th. In the plea bargain, the state agreed to honor Hossencofft’s request that he be transferred to Wyoming. However, until Friday, Hossencofft had not provided a “legitimate” statement regarding the murder. On Thursday, Judge Brennan ordered that Hossencofft be held at Bernalillo County Detention Center (Albuquerque) until the defendant provided a proper statement. We now know that statement came the following morning, Friday.

Brother Speaks

Still, Stanley Chavez suspects his older brother did not kill Girly Chew Hossencofft. Chavez and Mr. Hossencofft have the same father and grew up in the same Arizona home. Diazien Hossencofft was formerly known as Armand Chavez prior to changing his name in 1992. Stanley Chavez told me today that his brother has “lost everything” as a result of the state’s investigation. According to Chavez, the plea bargain appeared attractive to Hossencofft because it offered relief from the state’s “attack”.

CLARIFICATION: Judge Brennan also stated he has not issued a “gag order” in the case. Reports of a “gag order” were widely circulated Friday when attorneys on both sides refused to comment about the case.

Also, the District Attorney’s Office stated that it was “told” an Order for Nondisclosure–or “gag order”–had been filed. Judge Brennan told me today that he has never issued a gag order during his 22-years on the bench.

When reached at his home this evening, Hossencofft attorney Marc Robert told me that the defense will seek an Order for Nondisclosure this coming week.

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