Hossencofft tells police Miller hunted and killed Girly for sport

(Albuquerque) Convicted murderer Diazien Hossencofft recently told police a chilling story about how Girly Chew Hossencofft allegedly died.

A court document filed in State District Court in Albuquerque today says Hossencofft told Albuquerque Police Department detectives the following:

“I didn’t kill her. Bill Miller killed her. I didn’t ask Bill Miller to kill her. Bill Miller decided he wanted to hunt a human being, and I gave him that ability to do so…Bill Miller wanted to kill a human being….Bill Miller was the one that said that he was going to gut her like a fish…”

The court document says Hossencofft gave statements to police on January 18, 2002 and February 1, 2002. It also says Bill Miller’s attorney, Ray Twohig, was present for at least one of the statements.

Hossencofft pleaded guilty to his estranged wife’s murder and several other crimes on January 9, 2002. In exchange for a life sentence and a transfer to a Wyoming prison, Hossencofft agreed to provide statements to police concerning his knowledge of the murder.

The court document does not say what Hossencofft meant when he told police, “…and I gave him (Miller) the ability to do so (hunt Girly Chew Hossencofft).” However, it reminded this writer of something contained in Miller’s arrest warrant a year ago. In that warrant, an acquaintance of Miller tells police that Miller told her that Hossencofft put him in a “trance”. There is no mention of a “trance” in the court document filed today.

The document filed today is titled, Plaintiff’s Response to Defendant’s Motion To Compel Witness List. The document also provides additional information about Miller’s arrest. The prosecutor writes,

“Upon his arrest on 12 February 2001 at Wild Oats, a cutting-edge grocery market, the Defendant, discarded a journal style notebook that he had been keeping and, later, while at the northeast Albuquerque Police Department sub-station awaiting transport to the main police station for his booking, hid informational paper in his sock and indulged himself in the oral consumption of informational paper products. This behavior resulted in additional evidence tampering counts being returned by the grand jury.”

The grand jury also indicted Miller on conspiring to commit murder, kidnapping and several other charges. Miller posted bond and got out of jail. His case had been scheduled to go to trial this month, but the trial is expected to be continued to a later date.

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