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(Albuquerque) If still alive, Girly Chew Hossencofft would be celebrating her 38th birthday today. Born August 27, 1963, Girly disappeared nearly two years ago. She is presumed dead. That presumption arrived like a black cloud, once again, for Girly’s parents in Malaysia a year ago. That is when a package suddenly appeared out of the blue. A package sent two years ago, but finally returned to sender. Etched upon it, “Deceased”.

Not initially knowing the significance of what appeared to be a package held by Mr. Chew, I made an inquiry to Girly’s brother in Malaysia, Andrew Chew. He responded with the following explanation:

Yes, Mark it is a parcel which my sister requested some things she needed somewhere 4th week of Aug 99 to be send to her, but unfortunately the parcel takes 1month to arrive ABQ and she
does not received it, and when I was there I tried in vain to take it back from her apartment
mail box together with Bryan Fox but to no avail.

Then exactly 12months later, we weresurprise that it was returned to our home in Malaysia and on top of the box cover it stated “DECEASED”. And now it is very sentimental to my family.

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English: The Star, Malaysia, 8/23/01

English: The Star, Malaysia, 8/24/01

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