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State asks judge to deny Hossencofft’s transfer to a Wyoming prison unless the convicted killer reveals information about the murder

(Albuquerque) The prosecution wasted little time reacting to Diazien Hossencofft’s refusal to talk.

One day after the convicted killer decided not to disclose details of the murder of his estranged wife, the State filed a Motion to Compel Compliance.

The State’s motion is aimed at preventing the transfer of inmate Hossencofft to a Wyoming prison.

In his plea bargain last week, the State agreed to honor Mr.Hossencofft’s request that he be transferred to Wyoming.

Also in the plea bargain signed by Hossencofft, the defendant agreed to “fully disclose information and knowledge within ten (10) days…concerning this matter inclusive of the whereabouts of the remains and body of Girly Chew Hossencofft…”


 Today’s motion sheds new insight into what happened in a locked room yesterday where Hossencofft refused to make a statement.

According to the motion, “On 15 January 2002, on the occasion of his plea-required statement to detectives, the Defendant stated that he did not know where the body was and that was all that he was required to talk about. He (Hossencofft) boasted that he was providing no further statement and that nothing would prevent him from getting his deal for Wyoming.”

The State’s motion, submitted by Assistant District Attorney Paul Spiers, concludes, “…the Plaintiff respectfully requests that this Honorable Court invalidate a corresponding aspect of his plea agreement–transport to and incarceration in Wyoming–until such time that the Defendant complies with the statement provision of said plea agreement.”


Prosecutor Spiers’ motion also included some determined language describing Mr. Hossencofft’s refusal to talk “(Hossencofft’s) position that he doesn’t have to talk about the case in a good faith way is profane and degrading nonsense,” writes Spiers.

Also in his motion, Spiers suggests that Hossencofft has “apparently persuaded himself” that the plea agreement only obligates him to speak about the whereabouts of Ms. Hossencofft’s body. Flat out wrong, according to the State’s motion. “He (Hossencofft) chose rather to adopt a tortured and unrecognizable translation of the clear language of the terms of the plea agreement.”

District Court Judge John Brennan is scheduled to hear the State’s motion at 9am Thursday morning (January 17).

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