“Welcome” Court TV viewers

(Albuquerque) After more than three years since her disappearance and murder, the story of Girly Chew Hossencofft finally finds a national audience this week. Court TV begins airing five consecutive days of the Linda Henning murder trial this morning. Henning is one of three people who were charged in connection with Girly’s death.

As Court TV reaches 73-million US homes, it’s likely a few of its viewers have found (by way of Google, et al) this website. If this is your first time here, “Welcome.” Hopefully, you’ll find that this site compliments the trial coverage. However, you may want to hold-off before delving into the material here. As the Henning trial was taped in October, the outcome is already documented here. If you do not want to know the outcome of the Henning trial now, then do not explore this site…until Court TV reveals the outcome, of course!

If you do wish to venture inside this site at this time, here are some features you may find helpful:

Search Engine: Located in the upper left corner of this page, the search engine provides excellent results for any word located within this website. That’s pretty cool since there is more than three years of material here. The search engine also has an option to search the web, but–quite frankly–it does a poor job. The beauty of this search engine is that it searches within this site extremely well. If the word(s) you enter appears anywhere in this site, you will get results.

  • Message Board & Chat: Over the years, I periodically added some form of a chat room opportunity for people who wanted to discuss the Hossencofft case. In the beginning, it was as simple as creating a chat room on AOL. Great, if you had AOL. Of course, not everyone does (or wants it). Recently, though, I found a service (ezboard.com) that seems to work well for everybody. The current Message Board & Chat platform was established October 20, 2002, during the Henning murder trial. You can check it out by clicking here.
  • Albuquerque Tribune Archives: To be clear, my material does not contain everything there is to know about this complex case. For that reason, the Albuquerque Tribune’s archives are very useful to anyone wanting to learn even more about the Girly Chew Hossencofft case. For your convenience, I’ve built a page with links to to the Tribune’s stories regarding this case. Tribune reporter Joline Gutierrez Krueger has covered the story from the beginning, too. She is an excellent writer and does thorough work.
  • Photographs: This website includes hundreds of photographs. You will not only find pictures of the central characters, but the many locations which are relevant to this case. For example, there are fifty photos from a weekend search near Magdalena, New Mexico in June of 2000. Most of the photos on this site were taken by me. Several were also graciously provided to me by family and friends of Girly Chew Hossencofft. In addition to the pictures, you will also find some court documents and video clips within this site.

Readers with questions or comments regarding the Hossencofft case are welcome to contact me. You will get a response from me, but I don’t promise to have all the answers. Unfortunately, the answer to a most popular question, Where’s Girly’s body?, remains unknown to almost everyone.

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