Witness says private investigator told her, “We know where she’s buried…”

Cynthia Hess
Cynthia Hess

(Albuquerque) Cynthia Hess says she was stunned when recently contacted by a private investigator working for Bill Miller’s defense attorney, Ray Twohig. Hess says the private investigator, Maurice Moya, revealed that he knows where Girly Chew Hossencofft’s body is buried.

Hess is a well-known psychic in Albuquerque. Bill Miller, who’s charged with five counts of tampering with evidence in the Girly Chew Hossencofft case, is one of Hess’ clients.

Investigators interviewed Hess on January 14, 2003. She says she later called Miller to let him know police had asked her questions about him.

After calling Miller, Hess says she received the phone call from Moya. She says Moya told her that he’d heard she was talking to detectives. She says Moya claimed that Miller was being framed.

Hess says Moya was critical of the police investigation. In a police report filed today, Hess says Moya told her, “They (police) don’t even know how to do their job…We found the crime scene and we know the crime scene and we know where the (body’s) buried, but we’re not going to say anything til three years from now.”

The police report notes that the statute of limitations for tampering with evidence is five years.

In my television report that aired on KOB-TV’s six o’clock news tonight, Hess told me she was shocked by Moya’s words.

“Don’t you owe it spiritually and morally to the family to say something?” Hess says she asked Moya. She says Moya didn’t answer the question.

If Moya does know the location of Girly’s body, it is not clear if he is guilty of any wrongdoing. He may, in fact, be protected by the attorney/client privilege.

Maurice Moya returned my phone call late this afternoon. When I asked him if he told Hess that he knows the location of the murder scene and Girly’s body, he declined to comment. Moya refereed me to Mr. Twohig.

I had already left a message for Twohig at his office earlier in the day. His assistant told me that Twohig had a very busy afternoon schedule and may not be available for comment today. As of this writing Monday evening, I have not heard from Twohig.

Moya, meantime, is now scheduled to provide a statement to investigators Thursday afternoon at the Bernalillo County District Attorneys office.

Interestingly, police say that when they arrested Miller in 2001, he started to remove paper from his wallet and eat it. Police managed to intervene, recovering several pieces of paper, including a half eaten business card for Cynthia Hess.

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