Investigators search Rio Puerco for Girly’s remains

…won’t disclose what–if anything–was found.

March 4, 2001

(photos to be added:

rpsearch1.jpg A few hundred yards south of Interstate 40, searchers gather as two of them dig in a small area behind a tiny hill.

rpsearch2.jpg A cadaver dog, named Jasper, disappears into the shadows along the side of the Rio Puerco as his handler looks on.

rpsearch3.jpg Close-up of searchers digging behind that tiny hill seen in first photo.

rpsearch4.jpg KOB-TV’s Chopper 4 kicks-up dust as it takes off with a search team member aboard for an aerial tour of the area.)

(Rio Puerco) A small search party trekked through the dusty river bottom that is the Rio Puerco and its nearby hillsides for about two hours Friday. They were looking for the remains of Girly Hossencofft.

Two “cadaver dogs” named Miranda and Jasper assisted in the search. They are trained to find human remains. The dogs, and their handlers, are from the Los Alamos Mountain Canine Corps.

This is not the first time that investigators from the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office have been to this area. Prior to his arrest, suspect Bill Miller was brought to this location in order to show investigators where he has often come for “target practice.” Miller often brought friends to this area so that they could shoot guns together. On at least one occasion, he brought Linda Henning.

Henning is now a suspect also charged in this case.

This search area is located about 15-miles west of Albuquerque near Interstate-40.

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