Police seize numerous guns and ammo from Miller’s home

February 14, 2001

(Albuquerque) A “Return and Inventory” document filed by Albuquerque police in District Court today tells us exactly what investigators found in murder suspect Bill Miller’s home Monday. And what police found is hardly surprising. Guns and ammo. Lots of it. No, the discovery hardly incriminates the man. Police must analyze it all and determine if any of it is linked to the disappearance and presumed murder of Girly Hossencofft.

Note that the seizure also includes duct tape (duct tape was found with Girly’s bloodied clothing near Magdalena), carpet, drapes, cushion covers and maps. Expect more forensic analysis to determine if the unique “signatures” (including chemical composition) on these items matches evidence already collected in the case.

Remember, last December this site reported on the signifance of “pink deer hair” to this investigation. It appears to be no coincidence that Miller’s arrest comes just four days after a forensic expert informed investigators about the following findings:

Found at Girly’s apartment

-60 natural cat hairs (are these hairs from suspect Linda Henning’s cats?)
-15 natural dog hairs
-18 natural deer hairs
-six dyed deer hairs
-one natural rabit hair
-five dyed rabbit hairs
-11 natural feathers
-one pink feather

Found inside tarp with Girly’s bloodied clothing

-101 natural cat hairs
-five natural dog hairs
-two dyed rabbit hairs
-two dyed green feathers

Items collected from Girly’s bloodied blouse

-56 natural cat hairs
-one natural dog hair

Items collected from steam/carpet cleaner in possession of Diazien Hossencofft when arrested in Hanahan, South Carolina

-three natural cat hairs
-20 natural dog hairs
-15 natural deer hairs
-36 dyed deer hairs
Since 1999, this web site has informed readers that Mr. Miller has been described as an avid hunter with anti-government sentiments. A survivalist. This week’s developments appear to have done nothing toward refuting those claims.

Items Collected from Bill Miller’s Home in December 2000

-natural and dyed deer hairs
-natural and dyed feathers
-natural and dyed rabbit hairs
-natural cat hairs

Items Seized from Miller’s Home on February 12, 2001

-ammunition magazines
-duct tape
-green canvas bag
-two (2) black bags with ammo
-shotgun barrel
-blue bag with mags
-S&W 38 Special, serial #44565
-.22 Beretta with mag model 21A-22, serial #beso2673u
-Remington sawed-off shotgun model 870, serial #x231207m
-Rossi .22 long rifle, serial 914081
-SKs 7.62 x 39 rifle with attached bayonett, serial #IM4366
-Ruger M77 Mark II .30-06, serial #781-35052 with soft case
-M14S .308 rifle with soft case, serial #09168
-S&W model 3000 shotgun 12 guage, serial #f0077424
-Remington model 600 .243 Winchester, serial #44258
-.22 long rifle revolver, serial #14072
-American Arms Co. Revolver S&W, unk serial #, barrel cut
-Beretta 9mm model 1934, serial #978587
-Remmington 870 shotgun 12 guage, serial #w699489m
-Winchester model 47 .22 cal., no serial #
-Ruger Mark II semi auto .22 cal., serial #21069119
-Browning .22 semi-auto, serial #655n201275
-S&W model 686 357 revolver, serial #x1822 or azj3053
-Savage model 5 .22 rifle, unk. serial #
-Ruger Mark II target .22 l.r., serial #21178723
-North American Arms .22 cal. revolver, serial # w62042


Items Seized from Miller’s 1986 Ford Pick-Up on February 12, 2001

(vin #IFTEX14N2KB55676)
-cushion covers

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