Judge delays Henning sentencing for 60-days

Orders psychological evaluation

(Albuquerque) Judge W. John Brennan Thursday ordered Linda Henning to undergo a psychological evaluation before he imposes his final sentencing upon her.

Henning faces anywhere from 30-to-83 years in prison for the murder of Girly Chew Hossencofft and several other crimes connected to the case.

Brennan told Henning that he believes she is competent but he wants to know more about her mental health. Brennan also told her that while he believes Henning was involved in the commission of the crimes, he also believes she is a victim of the murder plot’s mastermind, Diazien Hossencofft.

Brennan told Henning that he does not know if she is still under Hossencofft’s control, “(but) if you are, this gives you an opportunity to stop that domination and control and put him in his place. It gives you the opportunity, maybe, to help the family (of Girly Chew) to come to terms with what really happened.”

Girly’s body has never been found.

The judge indicated that any information provided by Henning about the murder could influence his decision when determining to whether or not to make the years she’s facing in prison “concurrent” or “consecutive.” He said he will sentence Henning in 60-days.

Following her court appearance Thursday morning, Henning spent about an hour inside a courthouse conference room with a crew from Court TV. After emerging from that interview, corrections officers led her down a hallway and back to jail. As she left, Henning emphatically told local reporters that she would not cooperate with the psychological evaluation.

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