Reaction from Malaysia

Girly’s parents: “Case is almost closed.”

Having checked Malaysia’s The Star website for any coverage on the Henning verdict, I didn’t find any. So, I fired-off an email to Malaysian journalist Bernard See to make sure he was aware of the verdict. Mr. See has written stories about Girly’s story in the past.

This morning, I received the following response:

Dear Mark

Thanks for your e-mail. We had no idea that the
verdict was given on Friday. Thanks.

Here is a copy of our report to appear on Monday
(28/10). Feel free to quote from it, especially the
interview with her father


PENANG: The 49-year-old woman responsible for the
death of Malaysian-born Girly Chew-Hossencofft was
found guilty of murder by a jury in the United States
on Friday.

Linda Henning could either face a death or life
imprisonment sentence. She could well be the first
woman to since the 19th century die by lethal
injection in New Mexico if Chief Judge W. John Brennan
decides to pass the death sentence.

Girly’s father Chew Shing Kheng, 67, said he was
satisfied with the verdict and hoped that the death
penalty would be passed.

“For me, the case is almost closed, I have come to
accept that my eldest daughter, who would have been 39
on Aug 27, is dead despite the fact that her body had
yet to be recovered following her disappearance on
Sept 9, 1999.

“I was hoping she could still be alive but now I think
it’s time to let go.

“I have prayed daily for the US authorities to
eventually find her remains so that last rites could
be conducted,” he said.

Chew said the prosecutors, had called his son,
Andrew, who was in New Mexico on Oct 15 to give
testimony, about the verdict.

He added that he (Andrew) read out a letter sent by his
sister two hours before she was kidnapped,
Girly’s husband Diazien Hossencofft, 36, was earlier
convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment plus 60
years’ jail for first-degree murder.

He is to serve an additional 364 days for 12 other
charges which included kidnapping and six counts of

Chew said her daughter was a staunch believer in the
Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin, whom she prayed to daily
to seek for “protection” from her husband whom she
knew was out to get her.

“Other than seeking divine protection, Girly also took
up karate lessons in the five months before her
disappearance three years ago. She knew what Diazian
was capable of and wanted to protect herself.

“She had also told her colleagues at the Bank of
America Uptown branch that if anything happened to her
they should fear the worst and they should suspect her
husband,” he said.

Diazien was put on the witness stand during Henning’s
11-day trial where he told jurors that he wanted his
wife dead because she had sought custody of his
three-year-old son.

— ends.

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