Two charged with murder

Investigative Grand Jury returns 27 indictments against Diazien Hossencofft, 20 against Linda Henning

Friday, November 19, 1999

“Looks like the wave is about to crest.”
-Linda Henning’s attorney Darryl Cordle

(Albuquerque) The Grand Jury investigating the suspicious disappearance of Girly Hossencofft returned indictments Wednesday night against Diazien Hossencofft (Girly’s estranged husband) and 46-year-old Linda Henning. Both suspects have been charged with murdering Girly Hossencofft and several other crimes (D. Hossencofft indicted on 27 charges, Henning indicted on 20-charges).

While the indictments made headlines Thursday morning, it was Judge Albert S. “Pat” Murdoch’s order to unseal warrants that same morning that provided dramatic insight into the case.

From the freshly unsealed warrants, we learned that Linda Henning told the Grand Jury she had did not know where Girly Hossencofft lived at the time of her disappearance. But investigators found Henning’s DNA on the couch and the floor inside Girly Hossencofft’s apartment. We also learned that the clothing (a green and white blouse with blood, a pair of pink and orange shorts with blood, a pair of green panties with blood) were found along Highway 60 near mile marker 106 on September 10th; that’s the same day Girly Hossencofft was reported missing.

Along with her bloody clothes, investigators also found a gray tarp or curtains, a white cloth with blood, two pieces of duct type tape with blood and hair, and a piece of gauze with blood. It’s important to note that the documents also reveal that police found a similar “tarp or curtain” at Linda Henning’s home at 9 La Villita Circle in Northeast Albuquerque (please see The Horner Report’s Hossencofft Archives for previous reports on Henning’s home).

Additional disturbing details are disclosed in the unsealed court documents. A search warrant says that on “September 18, 1999, Detective E. Bylotas interviewed (a woman) in Bloomfield, New Mexico. (She) stated she met Diazien Hossencofft over the Internet. (She) stated Diazien Hossencofft represented himself as a medical doctor and geneticist. (She) stated that Diazien meets women over the Internet and conducts his business over the Internet, with his computer. The woman adds that Diazien meets these women in chat rooms and with E-mail, telling them he is a doctor and that he can extend their life by giving them genetic shots. The woman also says Diazien Hossencofft communicates other personal information over the Internet with these women about his life. (She) also added that Diazien told her he was going to have Girly killed. Diazien stated, as soon as Girly signed the adoption papers in relation to his child, Girly was going to turn up missing. Diazien told Girly he was going to pay for Girly to be killed, with the use of some diamonds he had in a blue bag. (She) stated the last time she saw Diazien was when he and another male friend (an Albuquerque man) picked up Diazien’s son from her.”

Court documents reveal that (the Albuquerque man) told the Grand Jury that Diazien Hossencofft approached him, twice, about killing Girly Hossencofft. We also learn that (the Albuquerque man) agreed to let police search his home at (XXXX) Candlelight NE (and his camper, his car and his truck). According to court documents, “Investigators recovered two handguns, two shovels, photographs of Diazien and his son, a grey cloth with red spots on it, socks with red spots, a business card belonging to Linda Henning which had been partially burned, found inside a fireplace, and a newspaper article of the Girly Hossencofft disappearance.”

We also learned from court documents that police now have three guns belonging to Henning. Investigators recovered a .22 pistol and 20 gauge shotgun from Henning. They recovered a 9mm Taurus from Diazien Hossencofft.

Investigators arrested Linda Henning at the “Homestead Village” motel at I-25 and Osuna in Albuquerque. They found three swords inside her vehicle. They also found three CD ROMs that they’ve been highly interested in. I don’t yet know exactly why.

(*editor’s note: the unsealed documents are lengthy. I need to re-read them a few more times. I have several questions, including, Do investigators believe Girly Hossencofft was shot? Was a bullet hole found in her clothing that was discovered along Highway 60? Was any gunpowder detected on that clothing? Girly Hossencofft’s body has not been found. I’ll have more information posted on The Horner Report in a day or two.)

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