Why a website?

Over the years, many people have asked me why I started this website. It’s a question I’ve heard more than ever since September 25, 2002. That’s when Court TV ran an article about the Henning case on its website. That article included a link to my website. CNN, AOL and Yahoo all picked-up the Court TV article and published it on their respective websites. So (and you see where this is going), since September 25 this site has received a lot of hits, nearly 100,000!

Visitors are coming from countries all over the word, some have asked me why I started this site. I actually posted an answer to that question on the Internet two years ago. Back then, I was in dire need of more storage space for all of the graphics I was uploading for my site. So, I tapped into one of those “free” providers that also throws those annoying pop-up ads your way. However, my explanation for starting this website still resides in that corner of cyberspace. You can find it by clicking here.


(update: October 13, 2014)

So that you can avoid pop-ups and outdated links on the website freeservers.com, I’ve disabled the link in the original post above.  For your convenience, the content I posted on freeservers.com now appears below.

About This Site/Mark Horner: This information posted in 2000

This site is an extension of The Horner Report

The Hossencofft Case will get national attention one day. It’s not a question of “if”, but “when”.

The national spotlight will probably find this case once it goes to trial in 2001. It’s already a major story in Malaysia.

There are many details about this case that appear sensational. Once more of those details emerge in court–where local media will be covering the trial–they’re destined to make headlines large headlines.

Inevitably, the local headlines will appear in Associated Press stories. Local television stories may capture the interest of the networks…a local story may be “fed” to ABC, NBC, CNN and CBS “regional feeds”. But most, likely, it will be the well written AP story that will inspire a national program like Dateline, 48-Hours or Court TV to finally take notice.

As Linda Ellerbee often said, “And so it goes…”

Why a website?

Simple. In October of 1999, I began to learn about many compelling aspects of the Girly Hossencofft disappearance case. But the interest of my employer at that time did not match my own passion for the story (in my employer’s defense, I do tend to get very passionate about covering and “winning” stories).

A stoyteller at heart, I had to tell this one.

So, I taught myself how to make a webpage. It is called The Horner Report. The URL is markhorner.web.com (now septembersacrifice.com).

While working as a reporter at an Albuquerque television station, the website was continuously updated with my news stories and photos. That’s right, I took a still camera with me on most assignments. In fact, you can still find a link to many of my photos from the Cerro Grande Fire (Los Alamos) on my main page, The Horner Report.

So, “Why a webpage?” Why not?

It’s a great outlet for a writer. It’s useful to those seeking information about the Hossencofft case, AND it’s a fantastic investigative tool as it attracts great insights from readers (translation, a lot of tips!).

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