Murder suspects want their mail

(*This story was originally posted in 2000, but I don’t recall the specific month and date.  It was posted during the first half of the year; sometime between January 14 and June 18).

(Albuquerque) Diazien Hossencofft and Linda Henning have written forty-four letters to each other in recent weeks. But they’re not getting that mail. That’s because of potential safety concerns according to prosecutor Paul Spiers.

Spiers says the letters have not been read. That will likely happen this week. Attorney’s for Hossencofft and Henning were expected to file a motion Monday asking that District Court Judge Richard Knowles order that the letters be immediately delivered to their clients.

Hossencofft and Henning are charged with kidnapping and murdering Hossencofft’s estranged wife, Girly (Chew) Hossencofft. Ms. Hossencofft disappeared last September. Her body has not been found.

Diazien Hossencofft’s attorney, Ron Koch, has previously suggested that Ms. Hossencofft may still even be alive.

Monday’s court appearance was a ‘pre-trial conference’. Judge Knowles asked the attorneys to give a time that they expect the case to got to trial. All attorneys agreed everyone would be prepared and available for trial in early 2001.

Hossencofft and Henning each have extremely high bonds in the millions of dollars. Expect their attorney’s to file motions asking for the court to reconsider the “conditions of release”.

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