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Snapped to feature Linda Henning

Updated April 5, 2008 ***NEW AIR DATE*** Convicted murderer Linda Henning is the focus of an upcoming episode of the Oxygen Network’s program Snapped. Snapped producer Elizabeth Gibson tells me that the Henning episode is now scheduled to air April 13, 2008. The episode previously had been scheduled to air April 6, 2008. Among the […]

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Linda Henning with defense team 1 103102

Judge delays Henning sentencing for 60-days

Orders psychological evaluation   (Albuquerque) Judge W. John Brennan Thursday ordered Linda Henning to undergo a psychological evaluation before he imposes his final sentencing upon her. Henning faces anywhere from 30-to-83 years in prison for the murder of Girly Chew Hossencofft and several other crimes connected to the case. Brennan told Henning that he believes […]

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Linda Henning in court on September 26, 2002.

Jury selected in Henning case

Trial set to begin Tuesday (Albuquerque) Thursday’s final round of questions from defense attorneys to about 50 prospective jurors in the Linda Henning murder trial ventured into now-familiar territory: Extraterrestrial beings. “Does anyone here believe life exists in outer space?” asked Henning attorney Monica Baca. Two people quickly spoke-up, stating that it’s likely that some […]

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