Bryan Fox

Jury rejects death penalty

(Albuquerque) As Linda Henning began her walk out of the courtroom late Tuesday afternoon, I asked her if she cared to make a statement about the decision just handed-down by the jury in her murder trial. The jury of 12 men and women unanimously rejected the death penalty, declaring that the aggravating circumstances necessary to …

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Prosecution sets-out to link Henning to Diazien’s murder plot

Did Diazien’s divorce attorney learn of plan to kill? (Albuquerque) Prosecutors in the Linda Henning murder trial are now well on their way to calling more than 50 witnesses. Few will likely be as interesting as Julie McGuire who resumed testifying first thing Thursday morning. It’s a safe bet that even the crew from Court …

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No happy birthday

(Albuquerque) If still alive, Girly Chew Hossencofft would be celebrating her 38th birthday today. Born August 27, 1963, Girly disappeared nearly two years ago. She is presumed dead. That presumption arrived like a black cloud, once again, for Girly’s parents in Malaysia a year ago. That is when a package suddenly appeared out of the …

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