Gary Mitchell

Doctor who evaluated Henning at center of Yates controversy

AUDIO Phone interview with Gary Mitchell regarding Texas Court of Appeals ruling that reversed murder convictions against Andrea Yates. A Texas Court of Appeals last week threw out the murder convictions against Andrea Yates, the woman accused of drowning her children in a bathtub. The court found that state’s witness Dr. Park Elliot Dietz, a forensic pychiatrist, …

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Henning’s sentence: 73 years

The photos featured here were taken two days prior to Linda Henning’s sentencing.  On April 16, a hearing was held to address Albuquerque psychic Cynthia Hess’ claim that private investigator Maurice Moya told her that he knows where Girly Chew Hossencofft was murdered and where the body is buried. Mr. Moya is an investigator for …

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Judge delays Henning sentencing for 60-days

Orders psychological evaluation (Albuquerque) Judge W. John Brennan Thursday ordered Linda Henning to undergo a psychological evaluation before he imposes his final sentencing upon her. Henning faces anywhere from 30-to-83 years in prison for the murder of Girly Chew Hossencofft and several other crimes connected to the case. Brennan told Henning that he believes she …

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The Stephen Zachary letter

The following letter is written by Stephen Zachary, a longtime friend of Linda Henning. Zachary says he reached-out to protect Henning from Hossencofft. It is my understanding that his overtures displeased Henning and she became so angry with him, she eventually disassociated herself from him. Zachary writes the letter to Judge W. John Brennan, who …

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Jury rejects death penalty

(Albuquerque) As Linda Henning began her walk out of the courtroom late Tuesday afternoon, I asked her if she cared to make a statement about the decision just handed-down by the jury in her murder trial. The jury of 12 men and women unanimously rejected the death penalty, declaring that the aggravating circumstances necessary to …

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