The Stephen Zachary letter

The following letter is written by Stephen Zachary, a longtime friend of Linda Henning. Zachary says he reached-out to protect Henning from Hossencofft. It is my understanding that his overtures displeased Henning and she became so angry with him, she eventually disassociated herself from him. Zachary writes the letter to Judge W. John Brennan, who …

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The defense rests

Closing arguments scheduled to begin Friday morning (Albuquerque) After calling just two witnesses, the defense rested its case Wednesday in the Linda Henning murder trial. The trial takes a day off Thursday while the attorneys and judge meet to discuss jury instructions and other “housekeeping” matters. Closing arguments are scheduled to begin Friday morning. The …

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Hossencofft delights in wife’s murder

Claims Henning had nothing to do with it (Albuquerque) With teeth fiercely jutted forward, an intense Diazien Hossencofft told a packed courtroom that he hopes his estranged wife suffered “excruciating pain” when she was murdered in 1999. Hossencofft testified in the Linda Henning murder trial for more than five hours Tuesday. Clearly, he loved taking …

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Henning trial underway

A day for opening arguments and five witnesses (Albuquerque) Presumably beginning with a blank canvas, the jury in the Linda Henning murder trial Tuesday witnessed two drastically different attempts at painting a picture of the defendant who, if convicted, could become the first woman sentenced to death in New Mexico since the 1800’s. Prosecutor Paul …

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Suspects’ cells and lockers searched

Search uncovers amulet. Is it Girly’s? (Albuquerque) The Horner Report has learned that investigators in the Girly Chew Hossencofft case executed a search warrant at the Bernalillo County Detention Center on Wednesday, June 28. According an inventory report related to the warrant, police seized an amulet from inmate Diazien Hossencofft’s locker. Mr. Hossencofft is the …

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Murder suspects want their mail

(*This story was originally posted in 2000, but I don’t recall the specific month and date.  It was posted during the first half of the year; sometime between January 14 and June 18). (Albuquerque) Diazien Hossencofft and Linda Henning have written forty-four letters to each other in recent weeks. But they’re not getting that mail. …

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